Tinovul Mare: the mysterious path

For a person who loves walking into the woods, hearing the birds singing or the wind blowing through the trees, Tinovul Mare is the perfect place. I visited it for three or four times and I am still amazed by the feeling found here.

Why is a wooden path built in the middle of a forest?

The answer it’s as easy as the question. First of all, Tinovul Mare is a natural reservation and it is hosting a lot of rare plants. Also, it is a bog and people built this path because the grass and the peat moss are always full of water. Some people needed to cross through this place, so they built this path, of one kilometer length, from wood, in the middle of the forest.  The result of the human intervention is fascinating and people who built the path are deserving a warm “Thank you!”.

It is amazing that in the middle of a mountain forest exists this place, where plants are in love with the water.

Another beautiful thing about this place is that the human intervention is minimal. People put some informing plaques about the species of plants or animals living here or about the history and the creation process of this bog.

Also, they built some benches at the half of the path and this is, also, a perfect place to rest, to inhale the fresh air, to listen the birds and to watch the leaves shaking because of the wind. 

I saw this place in different seasons and I am convinced that it is restful in the Spring, when everything seems to be the most alive as possible, in the Summer, when the green it’s amazing, also in the Autumn, when the leaves are falling and every tree has its own color, or in the Winter, when you barely can find the path.

Honestly, I strongly believe that my perfect morning could be at Tinovul Mare, on a foggy summer morning, with a cup of coffee in my hand and only enjoying everything it’s around me.

How can you find this place?

  • On the road between Suceava and Bistrita, in Poiana Stampei, you enter on a country road that leads to Dornisoara (it is in a good condition, you can drive there with any type of car)
  • after two kilometers, on the right side, you will find the “gate”, from the image below, to enter in Tinovul Mare and to discover the mysterious wooden path. 



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