The most underrated artistic village in the world

In the Northern Part of the Bear’s Land I found the Ciocanesti village and, undoubtedly, I named it “The most underrated artisic village in the world”.

Mountain fresh air, hills full of forests and a lot of art. This is only a part of the gifts that Ciocanesti has prepared for you.

Leontida is the woman who painted the first house in this village. In 1950, she started with caving the walls to a wished shape. Then she painted the pattern with colors. The result is a piece of art.

The painted houses

Image from Ciocanesti village

Leontida’s Pattern

People from Ciocanesti saw that Leontida has the most beautiful house in the village, so they thought that is a good idea to paint their houses too. So they began an unofficial competition for the title of “the most beautiful house in the village”. Every house has its own pattern, designed by the family that is living there. Every pattern is an unique mark of the values of families.

In 2004, the Local Authorithies have requested that every new building must have a traditional pattern painted. In this way, they are trying to rescue the old customs of Ciocanesti and to encourage the creativity in the traditional art.

Image from Ciocanesti village

House in Ciocanesti

The tradition of Painted Eggs

Image from Ciocanesti village

Painted Eggs

Locals from this village are more special than you might think. They are not only painting their houses, but they are painting eggs too. Ostrich, goose or chicken eggs, women are painting them with a lot patience and love. The most simple drawing of an egg lasts at least 3 hours. And in this village, almost every woman has her own collection of painted eggs. Furthermore, children from Ciocanesti are being taught since kindergarten how to continue the tradition of painting eggs.

Image from Ciocanesti village

Painted Ostrich Eggs

In this village you can find two museums. One of them is The Ethnographic Museum of Ciocanesti, which has exposed a lot of old household assets like weave towels, blankets and rugs or carved wooden spoons. But here is also the National Museum of the Painted Eggs, which has thousands of painted eggs in different ways.

If you love art and if you might also think that Ciocanesti is the most underrated artistic village in the world, I suggest you to come and visit it. Furthermore, this place offers you an unique inner peace. Otherwise, I would not wrote about it.

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