The Chillin’ Bear?

The Chillin’ Bear is my dream. And if you’re reading this, the dream is one step closer to accomplishment.

I am dreaming that someday you will visit the places I am writing about. And I hope that you will have the same feeling visiting them, as I had when I discovered them.

I named the land where I am traveling “The Bear’s Land”. Actually, this land is Romania.

But why the land of a bear? Because in Romania lives the largest number of brown bears in Europe. And because I am a fluffy guy and my friends nicknamed me “The Bear”. But that’s a different story.

Romania is simply amazing. It is unique for its own diversity. Romania has mountains, but it has seaside too. It has large forests, but it has a desert too. It is crossed by the Danube, but it has beautiful mountain lakes. And the list continues.

If I could sum up in only one phrase the essence of Romania, undoubtedly this is “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. You could find so many places untouched by humans in this country. I believe that these are the perfect places for somebody to get a chill mood and I am gonna try to make feel you a confortable feeling watching the pictures I am capturing and reading the texts I am writing.

I suggest you to go to your hammock or your armchair, and read the articles written by the Chillin’ Bear. If you will like them, come and live these places.

And this is the way you can make the Chillin’ Bear smile. You’re protecting his dream.