Giumalau Peak, discovering the beautiful wild

Every time when I find a place where I can enjoy for a little amount of time the wilderness of the nature, I get an unique feeling. It is that type of feeling which leads to inner peace and to a general state of happiness. One of this type of places is the path that leads to Giumalau Peak from the Carpathian Mountains. 

For most of the people, when they hear about a mountain peak, they are thinking about climbing some dangerous rocks or they believe that they need a professional equipment. But Giumalau is not that type of mountain. Its highest point has only 1857 meteres above the sea leavel. 

A walk in the Giumalau Mountains

When I wanted to climb for the first time the Giumalau Peak, I didn’t know what I was going to find.  The rute to the Peak begins with a touch of humans: a heart painted on two trees. “This is a good sign”, I told myself. 


I walked on the marked path and after 15 minutes of stepping on a grass road, I smiled again. The path leads to a “gate” built by the trees into a misterious forest. Why misterious? Because there are so many trees that the light barely gets through the branches. 

I may say that this path is almost for everybody. Excepting some pieces of the path (that are steep and they might tire your legs) the route is ideal for a weekend walk. 


Gifts in nature

The best part of a trip to this place in the begining of the autumn is that the mountain had settled with gratitude a surprise for its guests: forest fruits.  Forest fruits are everywhere. A lot of cranberries, blackberries or raspberries are waiting only to be picked. 


Walking through the forest, looking for fruits and enjoying the beautiful views, you are feeling privileged by the nature and this mountain. 

After walking almost two hours in this wonderland, you will reach the Peak. The view over the other small mountains and over the Bistrita river valley makes you feel happy with what you just achieved. The highest peak from Bucovina is under your foots. You just did it. 


It is located in the North of the Carpathian Mountains and it is the highest peak from Bucovina. The shortest way to climb the mountain is from Campulung Moldovenesc. If you will follow this route, in almost 2 hours you can enjoy the view offered by this mountain. 



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