The Cantacuzino Castle in a rainy day

The best part about visiting a place when it is raining is the attention you pay to the little details. I discovered a Castle that has been on my wishlist for some time, but after I have seen it in a rainy day, I want to go back there someday: the Cantacuzino Castle.

I don’t think that in a sunny summer day I could’ve been more curious about the works of art inside the Castle.

The view of Cantacuzino Castle


The view that’s in front of the Castle is breathtaking. I only can hope that in one day, I can drink a cup of coffee in front of the Castle, looking at Bucegi Mountains. One great thing about this place is that exists a restaurant that in summer has a terrace too.

The charmant Castle

Cantacuzino Castle

The charm of Cantacuzino Castle is offered my many things. Looking from up to down, you can only find true works of art. From the ceiling to the floor, everything has an unique mark. In every room, each ceiling is made in a different way. The wood is carved with a lot of symbols.

Each door from this Castle is also carved with a different pattern. With the blazonry of the Cantacuzino family or with other symbols, they are beautiful. Even the windows are made with stained glass beautiful painted and some of them have some motivational latin phrases written. Furthermore, the Cantacuzino Castle has many fireplaces with mosaics representing different symbols.

Cantacuzino Castle

Art Gallery

One another great thing about the Cantacuzino Castle is that on the first floor exists a temporary art gallery with different themes. Reminding about Salvatore Dali, Vincent van Gogh or about the cyrcus, the art galleries are completing the exquisite air of this place.

Even in a rainy day, the Cantacuzino Castle it’s worth to be visited and it will only encourage you to visit it again. It is too beautiful to be seen only once in your lifetime.¬†

Cantacuzino Castle


Castelul Cantacuzino


How to get there?

From the road between Bucuresti and Brasov, in Busteni, you will find a road that leads to the Cantacuzino Castle. But don’t forget to pay attention to the beauty of Prahova Valley.



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