Biertan, one of the most beautiful villages

Walking through the Bear’s Land, I saw a different place. With its legends and old german buildings, Biertan is one of the most beautiful villages I ever seen.

Biertan is in Transylvania. It’s on the road between Sighisoara and Medias, two other worth-be-visited cities from the Bear’s Land. 

I am still amazed about what I found there, but what is so beautiful in Biertan?


Biertan church

Actually, it looks like a castle, but this is because in the Middle Ages, Biertan was a strategic point. The church is almost 600 years old, but it is still amazing.

On the outside, you are going to see defensive walls and imposing towers.

Biertan church

On the inside, the church is breathtaking. The altar is imposing and the painted ceiling offers an unique feeling.


Biertan room

Biertan has many legends. The most interesting one is about how couples that wanted to separate were locked in a room for almost a week. The couple had to share only one little bed, one chair, one table, one glass and one plate. They ate only water and bread. After spending a few days in the same room, many couples continued toghether their lifes. But it is said that in 300 years, only one closed couple wanted to divorce.


Biertan sunrise

Believe me, it is worth waking up at 5am to watch the sunrise from a hill near Biertan. This is one of the greatest ways to begin a day in Transylvania.


People in Biertan have something special. It was a Sunday morning, at 7, and I met with two different old men. They smiled, raised a hand and offered me a very kind “Good morning”. It made me feel like they loved that other people were visiting their village.

Also, in the front of the Church you are going to find some local people selling ii (handmade romanian traditional clothes), with different types of sweet honey and with handmade wooden objects (plates, spoons).


Biertan village

Buildings in Biertan are special. You are going to feel like you are visiting a german village due to the houses. The truth is that here once lived a strong population of sași (a german minority that came in Transylvania in the Middle Eve). They built many beautiful houses and this is the reason why the village looks german.


Biertan village

Biertan is not a place to be visited. It is a place to feel. With its legends and beauty offered by the Church, houses and the beautiful hills, you are going to be impressed by the feeling you are going to find here.



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