Best views to chill in The Bear’s Land

These are some of the best views to chill in The Bear’s Land that I discovered in the last year. Even if I found them during the summer or during the winter, I strongly believe that these places are simply bearitful. 

For me, 2016 was a great year. It offered me a lot of oportunities to travel through The Bear’s Land and to discover a lot of new places. 

I tried to capture some of the best places that I saw in the last year. At that moment, I did not have a DSLR or a professional camera, so I captured them with my smartphone. I hope that you will have the same feeling watching these images, as I had while taking them.

These are the magic places that encouraged me to dream that someday THIS place that I call „The Bear’s Land” will be visited by you. The Bear’s land is Romania.

The view from Giumalau Peak

Giumalau Peak is the highest peak of the region named Bukovina and it has 1858 meters.

 The view from Rarau Peak

Rarau peak offers one of the most beautiful views from the Northern Romania.

The view from Tihuta Pass

This is the view from Tihuta Pass, at 1201 meters altitude. Bonus, in this place is situated the Hotel Castle Dracula.

The view from Ceahlau National Park

While I was hiking the Ceahlau Mountains, I discovered this view. And it left me speechless.

Coffee time with Toaca peak

This is the view of a morning in Ceahlau National Park. It makes me wish to revisit it as soon as possible.

Road near Campulung Moldovenesc

While driving through Bukovina, this beautiful land offered me this amazing view.

The road through Calimani Mountains

In a summer morning, I was driving on a mountain road through a forest. I can still remember the fresh air of the moment when I took this picture.


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