10+ places to chill from the Bear’s Land

I am feeling very lucky to live here, in the place that I call “the Bear’s Land”. It is full of chill places and I love to discover them. 

I am used to talk about Romania as “an undiscovered golden mine”, because you still can find everything you want here. From mountains to seaside, from lakes to waterfalls, from beautiful winding roads to imposing castles and churches, they all can be found while traveling here. 

In the last summer, I travelled a lot through this country and I still believe about this place that is amazing. Everytime when I found a breathtaking view, I felt like a little pawn on a chessboard. It happens often to me to discover a new beautiful place and to feel that I am so small in front of the nature’s artworks. These are the moments when I can not say anything, so I am just sitting down in the grass and look at what is in front of me. 

These are some of the most beautiful places I saw in the last summer and I couldn’t not share them with you. 


The sunrise I saw in Biertan has left me speechless. Undoubtedly, it is worth to wake up at 5 to catch this view.

You can read more about Biertan here.

Sunrise in Biertan

Balea Lake

Balea Lake is well known as “the beautiful mirror of Carpathians”, but I believe is more. Even if is only a lake in the mountains, for me is one of the dearest places I visited in the last summer and I can’t wait to visit it again.

Balea Lake chill places


Near Balea Lake exists this amazing road. I have seen so many pictures and movies about it, but it doesn’t compare with the feeling I got when I arrived there. Transfagarasan chill places

The Cistercian Monastery of Carta

Near Sibiu and Transfagarasan exists a village named Carta. The Monastery that may be found there is unique and it deserves to be visited.
Carta chill places

The view from Transalpina

Transalpina Road is the highest road from Romania. The highest point of this road is at 2.145 meters and it’s amazing because you are crossing a mountain and you are surrounded only by breathtaking landscapes.

Transalpina chill places

Oasa Lake

Near Transalpina, you may find the Oasa Lake. Is an artifficial lake and the sunset seen from here is a great way to end a day.

Oasa chill places

Bigar Waterfall

The Bigar Waterfall is well-known in the whole World and since this summer, it’s easier to visit it. Bonus, you don’t have signal on your phone and you can enjoy the restful sound of the falling water.

Bigar waterfall chill places

The Citadel from Targu Mures

If you are traveling through Targu Mures, you must visit the Citadel. Beside the historical buildings, it has a huge garden full of trees and grass and it is perfect to rest a little bit.

Targu Mures chill places

Trout fish pond – Sovata

Near Sovata you may find a trout fish pond that has three lakes. It is nice that fishing is allowed here.

Sovata trout fish chill places

Gurghiu Mountains

The Gurghiu Mountains are perfect if you’re planning to walk, but they are more beautiful seen during a Safari Tour.

Sovata safari


Suddenly, you find a tree, a house, a bench. You are looking at the mountains after rain and you are feeling happy and warm inside.

Paltinis chill places

Did you find any chill places in the Bear’s Land?


The guy who dreamed about the existence of Chillin' Bear.

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